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Why Low Stress?

Stress, fear and anxiety impact every animal's overall well-being and ability to heal. By eliminating or reducing these stressors, we aim to keep all pets healthier, happier and allow them to heal faster.

Restraining Your Dog During Transport

  • Dogs are safest when restrained in your car in harnesses, carriers and crates

  • Reducing slipping/sliding during transportation reduces stress and anxiety

  • The Center for Pet Safety is a great resource for learning about the safety of pet restraint devices

  • Condition your dog to the new restraint device before using in the car

  • If your dog is excessively panting, drooling, vocalizing or eliminating prior to your appointment, please contact our office. We can provide further advice to help handle fear, anxiety or stress, or schedule a home veterinary visit!

Preparing Your Dog for Transport

Transporting your Dog

  • Spray a blanket or bandana with a pheromone spray, like Adaptil, 15-30 minutes prior to putting your dog in the car

  • Use sun shades to help block visual stimuli

  • Place familiar puzzle toys or food toys in the car

  • Play quiet calm music on your drive (classical music is ideal - just like we play in the clinic!)

  • Use non-slip mats to minimize slipping and sliding

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