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We offer a wide-range of surgical and dental services. Safety always comes first, so all pets are given an individual surgical, anesthetic and pain-management protocol tailored to their health and age. All surgical patients are given intravenous fluids and continuously monitored during anesthesia using state-of-the-art equipment that tracks blood pressure, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, heart rate, heart rhythm and temperature. We are proud to offer a dedicated dental suite, complete with digital radiography, to provide unparalleled dental care.


Soft tissue surgeries we perform include:

Spays and Neuters - offered at affordable package pricing 

Mass removal and biopsy

Bladder and stone removal surgery

Intestinal and foreign body surgery

Eye surgery

Wound repairs


Orthopedic surgeries we perform include:

Cruciate injury surgeries:

Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery

Lateral suture surgery

Limb and tail amputation surgery

Patella surgery

Fracture repair surgery

Femoral head ostectomy surgery


We offer periodontal cleaning, ultrasonic scaling and polishing (Dentals) with digital radiology at affordable package pricing. All dental procedures are performed in our dedicated dental suite, which allows for the highest quality patient care. Our veterinarians are also trained and equipped to perform advanced tooth extractions should the need arise. In most cases your pet will be scheduled for a routine cleaning and assessment, and a plan will be made if more extensive work is required.  This allows us to offer affordable dental care to all of our patients on a routine basis.

Digital Dental Radiographs (X-rays) - Used for routine dental procedures to assess for bone loss and tooth root abscesses that are below the gum line, and therefore impossible to see otherwise. This is an identical machine used by human dentists during wellness visits to keep an accurate record of changes to our teeth. This machine also allows us to confirm that an entirety of a tooth has been removed in the event that dental extractions are required, thereby preventing painful disease and infection in the future.

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