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Why Low Stress?

Stress, fear and anxiety impact every animal's overall well-being and ability to heal. By eliminating or reducing these stressors, we aim to keep all pets healthier, happier and allow them to heal faster.

Placing Your Cat in a Carrier

  • We recommend taking the steps outlined below to acclimate your cat to its carrier

  • If your cat is hissing, scratching or trying to bite when you are attempting to place them in a carrier prior to an appointment, please contact our office. We can provide further advice on how to handle fear, anxiety or stress, or schedule a home veterinary visit!

Cat Carrier Selection 

  • Carriers should be large enough for your cat to lie down and turn around in

  • Carriers with BOTH front and top openings are best 

  • Carriers with an easily removable top allow cats to remain in the carrier for examination, reducing anxiety and stress

Cat Carrier Placement in the Home to Reduce Anxiety

  • Leave the carrier out in an accessible location at all times - do not hide the carrier

  • Train kittens to sleep in their carrier

  • Place the carrier in a spot where your cat enjoys resting, preferably on an elevated surface in a warm part of the home

  • Leave the top half of the carrier off, so it is more open

Making the Cat Carrier a Happy Place!

  • Put your cat's favorite toys around the carrier

  • Play with your cat around the carrier

  • Spray the carrier with Feliway, or place an article with the owner's scent inside the carrier

  • Put catnip, treats and toys inside the carrier

  • Feed in or near the carrier

Transporting your Cat 

  • Spray the bedding in the carrier with Feliway 15-30 minutes prior to putting your cat in their carrier

  • Cover carrier with a towel or light blanket

  • Place familiar toys or treats in the carrier

  • Always carry the carrier from the bottom, not the handles (do not carry like a suitcase), as the motion can upset cats

  • Play quiet calm music on your drive (classical music is ideal - just like we play in the clinic!)

  • If your cat is panting, drooling or has eliminated in its carrier, please contact our office. Your cat may be too stressed to transport, and may benefit from a home visit!

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