Our clients love our unique, Fear Free, compassionate approach to exceptional veterinary care. 

Katharine H.

Both Dr. Nicole Fortin and Dr. Matt Fortin are fantastic. It is obvious that they are passionate about their patients, and they make sure your pet is getting the best care possible. As the owner of a greyhound, I’m especially (obsessively) careful to make sure her vet understands her unique blood chemistry and physiology, and the Fortin’s are among the most knowledgeable vets I’ve met. I trust the Back Cove Animal Hospital completely, and can’t imagine seeking veterinary treatment anywhere else.

Tina H.

Pet owners of Portland, my loss is your gain. Dr Nicole Fortin moved to Portland from Charleston, SC and opened Back Cove Veterinary Hospital with her husband, who is also a vet. She is truly a wonderful person, as well as spectacular vet. I had always wanted a Yorkshire Terrier and I waited 33 years to retire and get my Ellie, a 5 pound Yorkie. Between potty training, hypoglycemia, diarrhea, vomiting, picky eating, and some strange seizures that we thought was a liver shunt (it wasn't and she outgrew them), this little 5 pounds of fur has really given me a few scares. However Dr Fortin was always there for me and my Ellie. She was extremely patient and calming with me and my panic attacks and always very thorough and determined to find the best solution to Ellie's issues. She is very knowledgeable and there is absolutely no way I could have done it without her support. And to top it off, Ellie adored her. She actually would be excited to go in the vet clinic to see Dr Fortin. Both of us miss her terribly.

Daniel S.

I had a terrific experience with the doctors and staff at Back Cove. My dog Austin (Aussie/Stabyhoun mix) can be prone to anxiety and aggression during vet visits, but the staff knew exactly how to keep him calm and happy. And Dr. Fortin gave us the time and attention you'd expect from a great vet (he even gave me good advice on how to work with Austin to stop him from destroying the furniture!). I feel confident Austin got the best treatment there is to get. It's clear the folks at Back Cove love the animals they see and I will definitely be bringing Austin back!

Martin P.

 A fantastic clinic with top quality care. Can't recommend it enough! 

Dillon K.

Wonderful people, very professional, beautiful hospital, excellent care and attention!

Louis-Philippe P.

The best! Very compassionate and thorough .

Paul H.

We love the staff at Back Cove Animal Hospital but more importantly our Newfie is very happy with her visits. Everyone treats us like one of the family and you can tell Dr. Nicole loves what she does. She has a way with our Daisy who can be a handful. We highly recommend this practice...you won’t be disappointed.

Darlene S.

I've used other Portland Vets in the past but decided to try out Back Cove for my new rescue. I was worried because he is very timid and nervous in new situations/places. Dr Fortin and staff did a wonderful job at making him feel at ease. The space is comfortable, clean, and they were so caring. Timmy even got a bath with mild sedation which was really needed. If you are looking for a Vet don't hesitate to try this place!

Gabrielle C.

I could not have been happier for my visit at Back Cove Animal Hospital. This will be my Pug’s primary very from here on out. They let him explore the room, had treats and weren’t pushy about a specific diet. They were very informative and super helpful. We will be very happy here!

Elizabeth H.

I am delighted with the first visit to Back Cove Vets. Friendly, professional, good time spent with each dog. Matt had read the records that were transferred and well aware of the histories. The examining rooms were comfortable and the dogs were at ease  and relaxed the entire time. I feel confident we are at the right veterinary hospital with the best staff for what ever might face us in the years to come. 

Alissa S.

I am very happy I found such a great practice for my cat. We had our first visit recently and felt comfortable from the moment we walked in the door. Very clean and quiet, my cat was the most comfortable i've seen her in an exam room. The staff was very friendly and Dr. Matthew Fortin was thorough in his exam and explanation of medical concerns. Highly recommend to anyone looking for the best medical care for their pets!​

Dorothy M.

What can I say about Back Cove? My cat of 15 1/2 years has always hated go to the vet, no matter how nice they were. We went here, and the difference was amazing. A special cat room that no dog has ever been in. Hide holes, catnip and shelving along the wall for climbing. Classical music. Hint of lavender in the room. The vet tech, me and the amazing vet all on the floor chilling with my boy. I had never ever seen him so relaxed at the vet as I did that day. Dr. Nicole and Dr. Matt are fantastic, gentle, patient, loving and they speak in laymen’s terms, not veterinarian gobbledegook. The hospital itself is amazing from the grand reception to the peacefulness and serenity that abounds. Go there. Be smart. Be kinder to your pet by making this hospital your go to. They care, and it truly is a different experience as they advertise. I have a menagerie- I know vets. These two are some of the best I’ve known. You won’t regret it!

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